Each suite has a separate heated bedroom with stylish, cosy beds and a bright play area full of natural light and fresh air. Guests can scratch, climb and play on the activity centres or just relax and watch the wildlife from a sunbathing platform.

Our supreme quality accommodation has been designed to our specifications by Pedigree Pens, the UK’s leading UPVC cattery manufacturer. The suites are double glazed and bedrooms are fully insulated and heated. This means they are warm in the winter months and cool in the heat of the summer. Heaters are fitted with individual thermostats so that the temperature can be tailored to guests needs. Pedigree Pens exceed CIEH standards and are built with fire retardant UPVC which is self extinguishing.

The suites are individually decorated and themed around our beautiful Charnwood country parks and woodlands. There are four double suites for one or two guests and two family size suites for up to four guests. For larger families or guests who need extra room to stretch out, two double suits can be joined together to make a king sized suite, large enough for five or six guests. These suites have two separate bedrooms.

Family suites

Beacon Hill


Double suites



Castle Hill


For older or arthritic guests there are low level beds with extra padding and lower scratch posts for safety. We provide heat pads for extra warmth and our menu offers a senior selection.

We provide all bedding, however guests are welcome to bring their own blankets to make them feel at home.

  • The superb purpose built accommodation exceeds CIEH standards.
  • Excellent quality UPVC construction allows the highest level of hygiene.
  • Bedrooms are fully insulated, making them warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • The hotel is fully licensed and regularly inspected by Charnwood Borough Council’s Animal Welfare team.
  • Suites are meticulously sanitised between guests.